Car Cameras – Mobile Vehicle Camera – Dash Cam

Car Cameras provide a level of protection that had previously been cost prohibitive. Now you can capture the action as you drive down the street. Whether you need to capture video for evidence in the event of an accident, family vacations of places traveled or simply need to see how your teen is driving, the video captured from our car cameras is a great investment.

Have you ever wished that you had a video of an accident that you were wrongly accused or has someone pulled over in front of you and slammed on the brakes just to get an insurance pay out? How about that driver suffering from road rage that might have endangered you or your loved ones?

Parents, have you ever worried about the young driver? Are they driving safely with your vehicle? Are they observing traffic control devices? Wouldn’t you love to be able to provide additional support and driving instructions as you see areas of their driving habits that need improvement?

Commercial vehicle owners, wouldn’t you like to evaluate how your employees are driving your vehicles? Are they tailgating, driving unsafely, taking your vehicles to areas that they shouldn’t? Be informed and equipped to provide praise or discipline based on the footage captured by our car cameras.

How about that family trip to the mountains? Wouldn’t you want a video of the places you have been or a video record of the things you have seen? Imagine having a video of that family trip to the beach.

Windshield Mounted Car Cameras

Windshield mounted car cameras are a great option if you are looking to capture video from a higher perspective. Generally they are mounted to the right of a vehicle’s rearview mirror so that the device does not obstruct the drivers field of view. This position allows the car camera to have a clear view of what is occurring as you travel down the road.

Dash Mounted Car Cams

A flat mount changes the mounting position so you have Dash mounted car cams which are a great option for those that require a lower vantage point for  their vehicles. Dash cams allow the user to quickly install the camera on the dash of their vehicle and tilt up or down to get just the right angle depending on the make and model of their car or truck. Most dash cameras can be battery powered allowing the driver to remove the camera from the dash mount and capture video much like a camcorder. This may be great for capturing video after an accident, allowing the user to film the damage and provide it to their insurance company or a police department.

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